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Disruptive Dev Radio Initiative Commences

This week the Leaders of Africa Media Lab launched the Disruptive Dev Radio Initiative with FOUR new original series podcast teams! The new series highlight themes of tech in Africa,

Data Visualization

Maximizing the Benefits of Higher Education Investments

There is a need to make significant investments in higher education to jump-start economic development. Dr. Etta Mercy Aki explores recent data from Cameroon and what it shows about how potential investment may or may not impact broad-based opportunities in the country.


Introducing Research IRL: A New Way to Conduct Transparent Research

Research IRL (“in real life”) is a platform for conducting research transparently while engaging the broader public. The approach relies on real-time participatory research alongside regular briefings about the status of the research.


2021 Podcast Showcase

In March 2021, the Leaders of Africa Institute invited six new podcasters to participate in the Podcast Master Class. After six weeks of course meetings, countless hours of recorded audio, feedback, edits and re-edits, we are please to share the highlights from our Institute podcasters.

Learn about the podcasters and their new podcasts and find out how you can create beautiful audio stories and amplify your voice in our next Podcast Master Class’ Amplifier Accelerator.

Original Series

Towards Greater Integration Series

The Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement presents a major opportunity for African countries to promote inclusive growth and sustainable development as well as eradicate extreme poverty. Learn more about Series.

Original Series

COVID-19 Disruptions and Innovations in Higher Education

COVID-19 has disrupted higher education affecting professors, students, and administrators in African countries. The Exhibition sponsored by the Leaders of Africa Institute explores COVID-19 disruptions, forms of resilience, and proposes ways to build back better from all angles.


Research Publications Coming Soon

Leaders of Africa is in the process of supporting a series for research briefs and publications. The publication series will reflect themes of equity, social justice, and selfless service and leadership.


Youth Unemployment Dilemma in Africa: An Examination of Recent Data

Africa is a young continent with almost 60% of its population under the age of 25 years. However, many young people on the continent of Africa are unemployed or underemployment. This means that many young people settle for low wage and low productivity jobs, including in the informal sector.


Five Reasons to Podcast

There are many reasons to start a podcast including the ease of creation and the opportunity to reach a global audience.

Benefits of Institute Programs

Hear from some of the Scholars, Fellows, and Faculty of the Institute.

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