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Bringing Together Thoughts Leaders

Leaders of Africa Community platforms are open to all and bring together thought leaders, Institute Fellows and Scholars, and Institute alumni in a network to sustain and further collaboration in pursuit of the greatest good outcomes for Africa’s political, economic, and social life. Leaders of Africa believes that community and collaboration are instrumental to a united, integrated, and global Africa.

Discord Chat Community

What is Discord?

  • A real-time chat platform for discussions in text, audio, and video
  • A widely downloaded app in Google Play and the Apple Store
  • A place that allows for collaboration on projects and sharing opportunities and information

How do we use it?

  • We regularly hold text and voice chats on all topics (e.g., Thursdays at 5 PM UTC)
  • We discuss themes for ongoing and upcoming LoA events
  • We post opportunities for funding and scholarships
  • We collaborate on research and projects

Leaders of Africa Community Platform

What is LoA Community?

  • A professional network for making and maintaining connections with others
  • A network to share photos from research work
  • A place to blog and provide a critical perspective

How do we use it?

  • We share and comment on ongoing and published research
  • We share professional updates and opportunities
  • We solicit new blog posts and discuss

Social Media and Connecting

Telegram Channel

Receive up to date news, analysis, and opportunities directly to your phone. A great feature of the group is that your personal contact details are not visible to other group members for your privacy.

Private Facebook Group

Want easy access to exclusive content? Want to share thoughts with the Leaders of Africa Community? Request to join the private Facebook group.


We receive WhatsApp voice notes and videos for sharing and our productions.

Social Media

Follow Leaders of Africa on all platforms for up-to-date information and sharing.


Join the fight for equity, social justice, and selfless service. Be connected to thoughtful content and educational opportunities.

Leaders of Africa


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