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Noun. To significantly change the practice of development and achieve lasting structural impact.

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It begins with rigorous inquiry to assess need, explore best practices, and build knowledge


It continues with designing programs, tech, and experiences with sustainable high-impact value


It involves powerful, creative, and inclusive local and global engagement and outreach


It persists with meaningful change that enhances equity, social justice, and leadership

This week the Leaders of Africa Media Lab launched the Disruptive Dev Radio Initiative with FOUR new original series podcast teams! The new series highlight themes of tech in Africa,

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Africa is a young continent with almost 60% of its population under the age of 25 years. However, many young people on the continent of Africa are unemployed or underemployment. This means that many young people settle for low wage and low productivity jobs, including in the informal sector.

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Inquiry + Creativity for Equity, Justice, and Leadership

Agri-food systems

Women are increasingly becoming involved in agriculture sector professions. However, many organizations do not foster an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of the advancement of women in agriculture.

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From creative original series to engaging live events and workshops, LoA is about creating to engage.

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Be a part of the Disruptive Dev Radio Initiative. Propose an original series and receive support to produce and share your idea.


Continue the conversation and connect with likeminded changemakers on the Leaders of Africa Discord Server and download the Discord App.

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