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Research IRL

Research IRL (“in real life”) is a platform for conducting research transparently while engaging the broader public. The approach relies on real-time participatory research alongside regular briefings about the status of the research.

How does IRL work for research?

It begins with a clear research question and a high-quality research instrument that allows for participatory research, such as a survey or a dynamically updated data source (e.g., electricity reliability, economic variables). To kickstart the process, a brief proposal is submitted to the LoA research team.

If the proposal is accepted, the IRL experience launches with the deployment of the research instrument. Let’s take a survey instrument as an example. You will have access to LoA’s survey platforms and alongside the LoA staff you will optimize the survey in a way that displays some of the comparative statistics in real-time through a data dashboard. For instance, data displays can show how many participants have taken part, gender breakdown, and other demographics, as well as other background information.

How will results be shared?

One of the key aspects of the IRL process is to hold regular briefings about the progress of the research. These briefings encourage greater participation in the research and explain methodological considerations to the broad audience. The purpose of the regular briefings is to gather momentum for the result.

The documented research process allows others to see how research works from the inside and begins to dispels potential distrust in the results. The final results are shared with support of LoA Presents with a group of additional panelists who will reflect on the IRL experience.

New proposals will be accepted in January 2022. Notices will be shared by the LoA Research Lab.

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