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The mission of LoAI is to promote knowledge production and advocacy for the good. The Institute provides distance and in-person learning opportunities for students, practitioners, and faculty. Professors with the Institute advise and guide Scholars and Fellows through advanced research and professional mentorship.

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Relationships with Professors

Fellows and Scholars meet often with their professors in course meetings and one-on-one. You can always reach your professors via text message at any time. From relationships come in-depth collaborations.

Interactive Teaching & Learning

All programs meet in live course meetings. This means there is class discussion and interaction with Fellows, Scholars and professors. The style of delivery is highly engaging and there is an expectation of active participation both in course meetings and outside on our learning platforms.

Pushing the Research Envelope

Programs involve learning state-of-the-art techniques and tools. Fellows and Scholars are expected to produce cutting-edge research and share widely with broad audiences.


More than anything, mentorship is at the center of all programs. This means that you will consistently work with your professors as you conduct your work alongside our professors.

Supportive Pan-African Community

Our programs draw Fellows and Scholars from all African countries and in the Diaspora. The community is supportive and encourages continual growth. We also expect Fellows and Scholars to share the fruits of their work with broad audiences.

Flagship Programs

Research Methods Program

A program emphasizing advanced quantitative and qualitative research methods and designs

Data + Design for Development Program

A program about creating public-facing data visualization using development data

Public Policy Program

A program that involves designing, enacting, and testing progressive public policy

Entrepreneurship Program

A program about building social impact ventures that promote equity, social justice, and quality leadership

What are you working on?

Institute Showcase

LoAI programs demand high-quality outputs and impact. The Showcase shares some of the stellar research, creations, engagements, and impact from Institute Scholars, Fellows, and faculty.

Leaders of Africa


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