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The Story of LoA

Over the past four years, Leaders of Africa has grown to be a premier research, educational, and capacity building organization. Learn about some of the milestones in LoA's past.

LoA Founded

  • Oct 14, 2017

LoA was founded with a vision of promoting credible, ethical, and inclusive thought leadership. The early programs involved engaging with political, social, and economic leaders as well as providing a platform for Pan-African experience sharing.

LoA Institute Founded

  • Dec 1, 2018

The LoA Institute grew out of LoA's overarching educational mission. The first and flagship program was the Research Methods Program. The recruitment for the 2019 cohort began in December 2018. Beginning in May 2019, 20 Scholars would partake in the inaugural program.

New Core Team

  • Feb 1, 2019

To meet the growth objectives of LoA, a new Core Team came together representing collaborators from six countries.

LoA Presents

  • Jun 1, 2019

LoA began to host live conversations with leaders to explore socio-political themes of great importance. New programs debuted, including Leaders of Africa Live and Hangouts.

Multimedia Program Launched

  • Dec 1, 2020

Amplifying voices that contribute to development becomes possible with the advent of multimedia platforms, including podcasting. The LoA Institute launched the Podcast Program to help aspiring producers craft impactful programs.

Data + Design for Development Program Launched

  • Jun 1, 2021

Data visualization enables data and research to reach broad audiences. With the goal of citizen engagement, the Data + Design for Development Program was launched.

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