Working Together to Bridge Inquiry and Creative Expression

Starting in July 2021, Leaders of Africa and the Leaders of Africa Institute will officially open the doors to partnerships. To date, Leaders of Africa has developed enriching programs, content, and opportunities without partners. We notice how many organizations seek partnership without a clear vision about their values and direction. After three years, we are now pleased to announce the opportunity to partner with us beginning in July 2021.

We seek to partner with organizations and individuals who are equally committed to our mission. We also invite participation directly with Leaders of Africa. If you believe that your organization or yourself can contribute, we invite you to get in touch through our Partnership Inquiry Form. The form allows you to share basic details about you and your organization. We will reach out shortly after receiving your inquiry.


Join the fight for equity, social justice, and selfless service. Be connected to thoughtful content and educational opportunities.

Leaders of Africa


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