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Diversity in expertise and background, unity in commitment to inquiry and creative expression. People of all backgrounds can contribute to disruptive development.

Peter Penar
Peter Penar

Peter Penar, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Peter is passionate about educational outreach in research methods and communication for development. He also serves as the producer of LoA Original Series.

Violet Acumo
Violet Acumo

Violet Acumo, M.P.P.

Associate Director

Violet is passionate about technology for development and gender justice. She is also at University of Massachusetts - Boston.

Gana Jelili Adebiyi
Jelili Gana Adebiyi

Jelili Adebiyi, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Institute

Jelili is passionate about food systems and agriculture. He is also in the Department of Community Sustainability at Michigan State University.

Eva Penar
Eva Penar

Eva Penar, M.P.P.

Director of Research & Development

Eva is passionate about data and analysis for development. She is also at the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University in the MBA Program.

Abel Gbala
Abel Gbala

Abel Gbala, M.A.

Director of Monitoring & Evaluation

Abel is passionate about project evaluation and communication. He is a private monitoring and evaluation expert.

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