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Featured Program

Research Methods Program
Deadline: Opening in January 2022

The Research Methods Program is characterized by personalized mentorship, rigor and advanced methodological skills, and a supportive Pan-African research community. The program is open to all fields and is in a live virtual format accessible anywhere.

Program: Podcast Program
Deadline: Opening in December 2021


Some people and voices dominate our everyday conversations of themes ranging from public health to politics. Podcasts are a quickly expanding medium providing a local and global audience. The promise of podcasts is to magnify diverse voices and perspectives and provide a platform for reflection on some of the most important concerns and stories of our day. Not only do podcasts have the potential to reach a large global audience, they also allow us to develop our own creative skills of expression. We amplify more voices and your voice.

Program: Data + Design for Development
Deadline: Opening in November 2021


As the amount of data available increases, it is important to distill data in a way that shares the most relevant information. Moreover, data is becoming a point of reference for professional decision-making and advocacy efforts. You need to be able to present your data in a way that will be convincing to your intended stakeholders, whether they be policy-makers, citizens, or co-workers. Fortunately, there is software that helps craft data dashboards and visualizations with the ability to integrate with a variety of dynamic data sources. But bringing in the data is only part of the puzzle. There are decisions about what to visualize, what data representations are appropriate, and which design elements will speak to your intended audience.

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