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COVID-19 Disruptions & Innovations in
Higher Education

Sponsored by
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February - April 2021

Understanding Disruptions, Forms of Resilience, and Way to Build Back Better

COVID-19 has disrupted higher education affecting professors, students, and administrators in African countries. The Exhibition sponsored by the Leaders of Africa Institute explores COVID-19 disruptions, forms of resilience, and proposes ways to build back better from all angles.

  • What are the type and depth of disruptions to higher education in African countries?
  • How have higher education institutions adapted to the disruptions? Why were some institutions more resilient than others?
  • What new tools were introduced or experimented with during the pandemic period, and what was their effectiveness? Will the use of these tools persist into the future?
  • What are the long-term effects of the COVID-19 disruption? What is necessary to build back better?

Challenges, but Innovations Explored

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We hear the voices side-by-side of faculty and researchers, including Dr. Upasana Singh, Dr. Godwin Debrah, Matthias Krönke, and Caroline Musyimi, and undergraduate students Yolanda Bhiri, Maria Terere, and Hilary Tsar and graduate student Edmund Fosu. Despite the noted challenges, faculty and students have an optimistic perspective. Hear their voices. 

How has your experience been at your institution?

Navigating The Digital Divide and Meeting Educational Needs

There were many experiments in higher education and the educational sector more broadly. Many of the experiments involved forms of digital learning and interaction. However, there is a significant digital divide in terms of proficiency and access. Matthias Krönke, Dr. Upasana Singh, and Shingayirayi Moyo share research and insights about the digital divide and the need to meet educational needs during the pandemic and afterward.

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Tech and Higher Education in the COVID-19 Era

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The COVID-19 era has led to the proliferation and polarization of digital tools to engage students. Many of these tools, techniques, and platforms have been around, but now we are beginning to experiment with them in a more purposeful way. The live conversation explores recent research on digital tools. As our conversation highlights, it is important for faculty members to embrace experimentation and innovation.

Offer your reflections

We have all had unique experiences during the COVID-19 era. Share your experiences and reflections. Also, share some of your suggestions for incorporating e-learning for maximum effectiveness. All perspectives are welcome.

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