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Podcast Showcase 2021

Diverse Voices, Diverse Themes

In March 2021, the Leaders of Africa Institute invited six new podcasters to participate in the Podcast Master Class. After six weeks of course meetings, countless hours of recorded audio, feedback, edits and re-edits, we are please to share the highlights from our Institute podcasters.

Learn about the podcasters and their new podcasts and find out how you can create beautiful audio stories and amplify your voice in our next Podcast Master Class' Amplifier Accelerator.

What made you interested in podcasting?

About Christabel

A Window Into Intuition

In this episode, Christabel brings in her first guest – Bethany Nicole to help her discuss the importance of using intuition while dating. With lessons learned from real-life experiences, Bethany and Christabel share their perspective on this topic. With a personal story, Christabel takes you on a ride into the zone of truth. Find out more as you listen to this episode.

About Gaanya

Teaching Language Abroad

What is it like to teach a second language abroad? I sit down with Faisal, an experienced educator from Uganda who shares his views on what it takes to teach English as a foreign language in Saudi Arabia and his thoughts on what it takes to teach a new language.

About Eva

Deconstructing Mugabe

This episode focuses on the life and legacy of Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the first President of Zimbabwe, who was in power for 30 years before being ousted in 2017 by his own military generals. We discuss the rise of Robert Mugabe, his controversial land reform which led to the collapse of the economy of Zimbabwe, and finally his legacy.

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