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Data Visualization
Etta Mercy Aki

Maximizing the Benefits of Higher Education Investments

There is a need to make significant investments in higher education to jump-start economic development. Dr. Etta Mercy Aki explores recent data from Cameroon and what it shows about how potential investment may or may not impact broad-based opportunities in the country.

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Peter Penar

Research Launch for the Research Methods Program 2021

The Leaders of Africa Institute welcomed twenty new Scholars to the flagship Research Methods Program 2021. After three courses and over three months, we are ready for the start of research projects spanning at least ten African countries. At the official launch hear from each Scholar and share your thoughts on their research.

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Original Series
Leaders of Africa

COVID-19 Disruptions and Innovations in Higher Education

COVID-19 has disrupted higher education affecting professors, students, and administrators in African countries. The Exhibition sponsored by the Leaders of Africa Institute explores COVID-19 disruptions, forms of resilience, and proposes ways to build back better from all angles.

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Leaders of Africa

Embracing Edutech in Higher Education

Discussions about elearning have proliferated in response to how African universities and colleges experimented with online and remote learning during COVID-19 lockdowns. The results are mixed and vary widely. The

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Leaders of Africa


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