Leaders Voices with Joyline Chepkorir and Eniola Akintunde · A conversation about cancer prevention and care

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In this COVID-19 era public health concerns take center stage. The spread of the virus has exposed the healthcare infrastructure worldwide and underscores the importance of a social safety net for health. Peter and Jelili have a two-part conversation with Joyline Chepkorir, the founder of Mwangaza Cancer Initiative and Eniola Omoro Akintunde the founder of Niola Cancer Care Foundation. Their organizations are leading initiatives in their communities in Kenya and Nigeria respectively to combat the spread of cancer through screenings, public education, and advocacy.

Joyline and Eniola reflect on how non-governmental organizations are cooperating to raise awareness, but public policy is necessary to ensure that disparities in treatment and educational outreach are eliminated. In particular, although many people are willing to learn more about how to prevent cancer and how to get screened, more educational outreach is required on a larger and more systematic scale.

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"Leaders Voices with Joyline Chepkorir and Eniola Akintunde · A conversation about cancer prevention and care"

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