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Leaders Voices com Dog Murras · Conversa sobre Emancipação da Juventude em Angola

Dog Murras partilhou sua perspectiva sobre o desafio e o papel da juventude Angolana em relação ao desenvolvimento sócio-econômico.

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Nesta conversa com Dog Murras abordamos sobre o papel que a juventude Angolana terá em relação ao desenvolvimento do país. Exploramos a jornada de jovens Angolanos, seus desafios, e também possíveis soluções tendo em conta o clima econômico do país. Dog Murras desafia a juventude Angola a comprometer-se com o desenvolvimento do país.

Neto’s vision

“Havemos de Voltar”
-Dr. Antonio Agostinho Neto

“Havemos de voltar,” (We shall return) is one of the most famous and well-known poems of Angola’s first president, Dr. Antonio Agostinho Neto. Neto, as many dearly call him, was a politician and a statesman, as well as a poet and prolific writer. Once in a while, he would be caught playing his guitar and lost in the lines of his poems attempting to depict his dreams of a new and progressive Angola.

Now looking back forty-four years after Angola’s independence, Neto’s dream of an independent nation has come to pass. What did not come to pass is Neto’s vision of a progressive and fully developed country. Today, despite Angola’s political stability and economic growth, some Angolans still struggle. Angola has one of the lowest scores on the Human Development Index. The country scored 147 out of 189 countries.1 In 2016, SIC Portugal produced a documentary about poverty in Angola, which suggested that more than 80% of the country’s population lives in poverty.2 Like many countries in the region, Angola has two faces — that of a burgeoning middle class and the poor.

A conversation with Dog Murras

Leaders Voices’ conversation with Dog Murras underscores the socio-economic challenges facing the country and the role the youth can play in forging Neto’s dream for Angola. This will require positive and grassroots change. Murras is a musician and artist for social change, businessman, and author. In this conversation, Murras shares some of his life story. He underscores how self-discipline and personal commitment are a cornerstone to his success. Murras also identifies the challenges that Angolan youth face and provides concrete recommendations that individual Angolans can heed to improve the country. Finally, Murras invites the Angolan youth to pursue values, habits, and behaviors that not only make them successful but will, in turn, make Angola a better place for everyone.

The views expressed in this episode are the guest’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of Leaders of Africa.

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