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From Seed to Feed, Chakwera’s Field Trip, and Tunisia’s Political Crisis

This week activists announced a boycott of the United Nations Food Systems Summit. Despite the UN’s efforts to suggest that the summit will be inclusive and give voice to small-scale farmers, many farmers and farm workers associations believe that the summit will represent dominant stakeholders in food systems. Large agricultural businesses control global food systems from feed to seed. But, has this yielded resilient food systems and an end to hunger? Summits are the story of the week. This week saw a controversy involving the President of Malawi, Lazarus Chakwera. The pastor turned president came to office on an anti-corruption platform, but now Chakwera is facing claims of nepotism as he travels to the virtual Global Education Summit. Finally, Tunisia’s president Kais Saied suspends the Tunisian parliament in a burgeoning political crisis that threatens the normal constitutional order in the country.

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From Seed to Feed, Chakwera’s Field Trip, and Tunisia’s Political Crisis

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