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Disruptive Dev Radio Initiative

Researchers, practitioners, and advocates are increasingly leveraging mediums for large-scale communication. It is becoming a necessity to receive media outreach training and support to advance policy priorities.

However, with the dominance of media monopolies, certain voices are being limited and access to relevant platforms is sometimes hard to obtain. Enter Disruptive Dev Radio, an initiative by Leaders of Africa and the Leaders of Africa Institute.

Disruptive Dev Radio is a platform for original audio and video content in recorded and live format. With informative, evidence-driven, and progressive programming, Disruptive Dev Radio seeks to amplify the voices of researchers, practitioners, and advocates with the intention of promoting inclusive and equitable development. Using a decentralized network of content producers, there is unity of purpose and message.

Download the full Prospectus and learn more about Disruptive Dev Radio and how you can play an important role in this Initiative.

Initiative Approach and Opportunities

The Disruptive Dev Radio Initiative supports researchers, practitioners, and advocates with creating professional original audio and video programs. All series are proposed, crafted, and shaped by the contributing participants. Contributors to the Initiative become hosts, producers, and reporters for the different series. Original series can be recorded or live. For more information, consult the Prospectus for proposal and production match criteria.

Rolling review of all proposals and production matches. First deadline is October 8th for the first cohort.

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