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Our podcast is now on Acast

We have moved our podcast hosting from SoundCloud to Acast! Subscribe to get new episodes.

The Leaders of Africa Project podcast has just moved from SoundCloud to Acast hosting! Acast is a platform designed specifically for podcasts. Find us at https://www.acast.com/leadersofafrica, and you can subscribe through iTunes, the Acast app, or any of your favorite podcast apps (e.g., Stitcher, Podbean). Simply search “Leaders of Africa Project” to find the podcast feed. We will release new episodes most Thursdays, so stay tuned!

We have also recorded a short trailer about the Leaders of Africa Project and the coming podcasts (and videocasts):

The podcast versions are similar to the videocasts posted on our YouTube channel. The big difference is that the podcasts are audio edited and you can easily download them to listen on the go. As always, if you have thoughts about anything in our broadcasts share them at yourvoice@leadersofafrica.org.

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