Building a Repository of Information

Sharing Resources and Data

Research requires gathering reliable information and data. The Leaders of Africa Project welcomes leaders, stakeholders, and citizens to submit relevant data and documents to be considered in research.

What information, data, and documents should be submitted?

The short answer is that anything that will help our researchers examine leaders’ opinions and experiences. In particular, specific information related to the questions and topics listed in our research agenda are welcome.

What information, data, and documents should be submitted?

The process is simple and secure. You may attach the files to an e-mail addressed to [email protected] We understand that some resources will include very large file sizes, so please e-mail us about the nature of your submission and we will make arrangements for you to send the large file(s). Any submissions must include the information listed below. You may copy the information fields in your e-mail.

Full Name:

Title (e.g., Mr, Mrs, Ms):

Position (e.g., executive director, national coordinator):

Organisation/ Institution:

E-mail Address:

Mobile Number:

Primary Country:

Type “Yes” before the following statements:

(1) I have the permission to submit the attached document(s) to the Leaders of Africa.

(2) I know that the document(s) that I submit will be used for research purposes.

Note: Additional disclosures may be necessary and the proper forms will be sent via e-mail after an examination of the submitted resources.

How often may I submit information, data, and documents?

You may submit information, data, and documents any time you are able. There is no maximum amount to send.


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