A Broad and Relevant Research Agenda

Our research reflects pertinent themes ranging from economic development, national cohesion, regional cooperation and integration, democracy and elections, and public health. Our Team, fellows, and scholars ensure that our research provides institutions and the public with evidence-based outputs.

Assessing Unemployment in Regional Comparison


Research Themes

One of the stated aims of the African Union and sub-continental regional organizations, such as the East African Community, Economic Community of West African States, and the Southern African Development Community, is to further cooperation and integration economically and politically. The study of leadership extends to understand how the drivers of integration understand the continental and sub-continental integration project.

Some of the lines of agreement and disagreement among thought leaders are obvious and openly known. However, areas of consensus and divergence are often hidden due to the public nature of politics. For instance, politicians’ public opinions may differ greatly from their actual preferences.

Leaders’ beliefs about the present state of politics provides a window into areas of potential stability and instability. Where discontent runs high about certain political processes and institutions, there could be the seeds of regime instability.

We want to understand the constraints that leaders face in achieving good governance. These constraints could relate to a lack of capacity, training and expertise, finances, etc.

Elections have been the source of instability as legitimacy for one or more participating parties is often wanting. We want to understand what leaders believe is necessary to improving the legitimacy of election processes.

International organisations and external interests have always exercised a great influence over thought leaders across Africa. We want to know how these external actors are viewed and where there are areas for cooperation and where a reevaluation of the relationship/ institutions is desired.

Issues of youth engagement in political life have become increasingly important. We explore youth participation structures (e.g., in political parties) and how thought leaders view the potential contribution of youth.

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