A Commitment to Equity and Justice

Our Mission

Leaders of Africa mobilizes the power of rigorous inquiry and creative expression to advance equity, justice, and selfless leadership in Africa. We facilitate a supportive Pan-African community for collaboration that cultivates impactful and translatable research, amplifies diverse perspectives, and leverages creative audiovisual, graphic, and technological design.

Our Vision

Leaders of Africa believes in a world where knowledge creation and creative expression contribute to breaking barriers to equity and justice.

A Closer Look at the Mission

Inquiry is the act of exploration and conducting insightful research. Rigor involves pursuing knowledge and truth with a measured and sound methodological approach.

Creative expression may be in text, audio, visual, and technical artifacts. Often creative pursuits hold up a mirror to humanity and cause us to reflect on our present condition and contemplate the future. At LoA, we produce original and creative content that adds depth to our understanding and perspective.

We are at our best when we are supportive and collaborate together. A central feature of LoA is the facilitation of relationships and collaborations across the continent and globe. It is supportive because we are all work together for the same ends: a more just and equitable world.

There are many organizations and institutes that talk about cultivating leadership. Seldom do they define “good” leadership. We believe that good leadership is giving. It is not world enriching, but rather life giving. It focuses on what is beneficial to all.

Sometimes research is read by researchers and professionals only. We seek to design and conduct research that will be impactful and share it widely with those that could benefit the most. The purpose is to put knowledge in peoples’ hands in a language and a way that is understandable and that motivates action.

Often we hear the voices of the same people. LoA works to amplify uncommon, but important voices in continental and global conversations. We do this through our programs and educational efforts to ensure that people are given the tools to share their voices confidently and prudently.

We believe that the ends of equity, justice, and selfless leadership are served by technological tools and techniques. Technology has the ability to build bridges, amplify voices, and build networks of solidarity.

Our Theory of Realization

Our mission is to encourage an equitable and just political and economic arrangement and society on the African continent and globally. We accomplish this by sharing the experiences of thought leaders, educating, facilitating collaboration and community, and conducting research on and building capacity related to political, economic, and social policy and leadership in Africa and globally.

The Four Core Pillars

Share the Experiences of Thought Leaders & Diverse Perspectives

We create content and sponsor conversations on some of the most important themes of the day. Our content and premium live events offer a platform for diverse perspectives and sharing insightful commentary and experiences.


The Leaders of Africa Institute is dedicated to encouraging advocacy for the good and knowledge production on the African continent. Our Institute provides the highest quality education in fields ranging from research methods to public policy.

Promote Pan-African Community & Networking

Our Community platforms bring together all those interested in contributing to LoA's mission with a spirit of Pan-African collaboration. The network sustains the consistent pursuit of what is good for Africa's political, economic, and social life.

Conduct Research, Build Capacity & Advocate

We conduct research on economic, political, and social policy for institutions and the public with implications for advocacy. We also craft bespoke capacity-building experiences that support institutions and organizations that share our commitment to inclusivity, equity, and social justice.


Join the fight for equity, social justice, and selfless service. Be connected to thoughtful content and educational opportunities.

Leaders of Africa


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