Founded in 2018

Leaders of Africa Institute

Encouraging Advocacy for the Good and Knowledge Production on the African Continent

The Institute provides in-person and distance learning opportunities for students, practitioners, and academics based on the African continent. The course offerings include virtual classroom courses that maximize engagement and self-paced online courses with and without feedback from qualified professors. In addition to courses, professors with the Institute advise and guide students through research and professional mentorship. There is also a virtual symposium series open to everyone.

Our Philosophy

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Our Fellows and Scholars


Research Methods

Our flagship program that covers advanced quantitative and qualitative methods in all research fields.

Multimedia Creation

Communication for development is a burgeoning field with podcasts and video outputs amplifying the voices of the underrepresented.

Public Policy

The program covers advanced policy analysis (all forms) and monitoring and evaluation techniques.

Non-Profit Management

Our program covers advanced management techniques and tools for non-profit organizations in the international development space.

Afro-centric Start Up

Our program covers everything from startup basics to advanced management and fundraising approaches with specific reference to the African context.

Politics Program

We discuss political and social science themes and construct impactful research that enhances political leadership.

Applications Open

The Research Methods Program is the flagship program of the Leaders of Africa Institute. It is program characterized by personalized mentorship, rigor and advanced methodological skills, and a supportive Pan-African research community. The program is open to all fields and is in a live virtual format accessible anywhere. We invite you to learn about the program and our Scholars and consider whether this just might be the opportunity to further your research career and answer the call to address some of most pressing political, economic, social, and developmental questions. Remember to apply by the deadline of April 30, 2021 (Extended to May 2nd).



Join the fight for equity, social justice, and selfless service. Be connected to thoughtful content and educational opportunities.

Leaders of Africa


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